The Powering a New Economy Fund invests in developing the power of New American Majority organizations and communities over the long term to advance economic justice and a democratic economy.

The Powering a New Economy Fund (PNE Fund) is a funder collaborative that supports local and state-based grassroots organizations and coalitions in a targeted set of states working to realize a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

The Fund invests in organizations and coalitions of community, business, labor, policy, and faith-based organizations working to change ideas and policy to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive economic system. We support organizations and coalitions to build their power so that they can more effectively advance economic change campaigns, to strengthen and expand the ecosystems of actors fighting to experiment with policy and reorganize state political economies.

The New American Majority (NAM) is defined as single women, young people, immigrant communities, and people of color (specifically, Black, Latinx, Native and API communities). We are invested in organizations that are actively organizing the NAM, have growing and committed multi-racial bases of leadership, and are integrating their voices into strategic decision-making.

Many state-based grassroots organizations receive an influx of funding related to election cycles or specific campaigns and then, once those immediate priorities pass, they lose funding, forcing them to downsize staff and downscale outreach efforts which weakens the ability of grassroots groups to build long-term strategies, retain talent, and push for critical issues affecting their communities. As a result, a handful of well-funded national organizations yield all the influence.

When this happens, workers lose their voice and local communities are left powerless to advocate for the structural economic reform needed to achieve income equality, economic mobility, and fair market choices.

The Powering a New Economy Fund gives communities the resources to implement policy change, hold elected candidates accountable to campaign promises through issue advocacy, and build communities’ long-term capacity through strategies that might include grassroots base-building, decentralized decision-making process, public education, town halls, and digital advocacy among others.

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